Volunteer Highlight: Cindy Cummens

Cindy is an independent and an important part of our Black Mountain Dems and Friends team. She does the formatting for our Bulletin and is redesigning the Black Mountain News.com website. Let's learn a little about Cindy!

How long have you lived in LD1 and where did you live before?

My husband and I came from Minnesota in1986 and have lived in Cave Creek since.

When and why did you become politically involved?

Anna and Phyllis from the Black Mountain Dems and Friends came to my home during a door-to-door campaign for the 2016 election. I was impressed that they found our home which is pretty tucked away from the road. They were the first Democrats (or Republicans) that had ever come door-to-door. They left good information about the candidates and party platform and were not pushy about converting an Independent to become a Democrat. They just wanted us to know there were like-minded people in our area and wanted to make sure we voted. After the 2016 election I realized that there was a great deal I did not know or had forgotten over the years about the political process and democracy as a whole and I could not complain about the results if I wasn't willing to do something to affect change.

We understand you are registered as an independent - why is that, and why as an independent have you chosen to volunteer for the Black Mountain Dems & Friends group?

My father encouraged me throughout his lifetime to listen to all points of view before making a decision. For me it's not either/or but can be both/and. I realize parties are very necessary to making our democracy work and as a result I feel a responsibility to be aware of the issues and candidates that are running from both sides and make decisions based on listening and doing the research to be as informed as possible before making a decision - not just following a party line. I attended my first Black Mountain Dems and Friends meeting back in 2017 after I received a postcard about the monthly meeting the group was having, and what intrigued me most was that the group was about "learning" more about a wide variety of topics. Black Mountain Dems and Friends affords me the opportunity to do this without always having to do the research on my own. There is an exchange of thoughts and ideas here but most of all they make me feel that I'm not alone in trying to maintain the democracy I so believe in.

Share a little about your life, family, hobbies, and who you are.

I am a retired critical care nurse specialist of 45 years. I have three boys and five grandchildren, all of who live amazingly in Cave Creek. Trying to be a part of maintaining a viable environment and democracy for future generations makes sure I am never bored!