URGENT Call to Action: Contact your Maricopa Board Member

URGENT Call to Action March 4, 2021

Chair of the Maricopa County Democratic Party Nancy Schriber has asked us to share this urgent call to action. Your help is needed!

The Arizona State Senate GOP recently submitted a subpoena to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (BoS), demanding all 2.1M ballots and voting machines used during the 2020 General Election for another election audit.

Last Friday, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Timothy Thomason approved the AZ Senate GOP-led subpoena and ordered all of our ballots and voting machines to be handed over to the AZ Senate GOP.

We cannot allow this to happen! Please, call your BoS member so they appeal this decision and help call other voters and ask them to call too! The Maricopa County BoS must appeal the Maricopa County Superior court ruling! Our Board members in LD1 are:

  • Bill Gates, District 3 (Anthem, Desert Hills, New River, Tramonto) - Bill is our best chance! If you live in District 3, please contact him now!

  • Steve Chucri, District 2 (Cave Creek, Carefree, Clay Mine, North Scottsdale)

This subpoena isn't about election integrity or security. The AZGOP's agenda is clear - they want to perpetuate the big election fraud lie. By obtaining voting machines and ballots, they are appeasing Trumpers who subscribe to far-fetched conspiracy theories which involve election fraud and wrongdoing.

Multiple independent audits have already disproven these lies, but the AZ Senate GOP remains hard-pressed to obtain all of our ballots and voting machines for their own "audit."

We can't allow the AZGOP to get their hands on our ballots! Please sign-up to call voters now and ask them to call their member of the BoS so they appeal the lower court's decision. If you cannot call other voters, call your member of the BoS to demand they appeal the lower court’s ruling.

Having our ballots in the hands of the AZ Senate GOP potentially puts our ballots at-risk to the Trump campaign and potential foreign threats like Russia and other nefarious actors.

Your ballot is potentially sitting on this truck. We can’t allow the AZGOP to get ahold of these ballots. Call your BoS member ASAP and volunteer to call other voters so they call their BoS member too!

This subpoena is an attack on voter confidentiality, voter confidence, and voting rights. We can't enable the AZGOP to get their hands on our ballots! Please, call your Board of Supervisors member and ask them to appeal the lower court's decision. If you can, sign-up to call other voters so they call the BoS too. We must stop the handover of ballots and voting machines to the GOP-led senate.

We also wish to thank Supervisor Steve Gallardo, the lone Democratic Supervisor on the BoS, who is the only member advocating for an appeal.