Socialism; communism - what's it all about?

Updated: Aug 16

Contributed by Suzanne Mead

Right wing media and the alternate truth crowd (aka Marjorie Taylor Green) like to disparage or “own” the liberals with the label “socialist.” Chances are Marjorie has no idea what that means.

An April 23 article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution says that in stump speeches and on social media posts as well as in television ads and on campaign signs, MTG spread the message “Save America, Stop Socialism!” She fired an AR-15 gun from the back of a Humvee in one campaign ad, blowing up a sign with the word “socialism” painted in red letters. “We can never allow [the U.S.] to be a socialist country,” she tells voters.

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There is no shortage of hypocrisy in her barbs about socialism. According to the AJC, Greene’s own construction business has had a significant history of profiting off taxpayer-subsidized affordable housing. The firm has marketed its expertise in Low-Income Housing Tax Credit for years.

1984 author George Orwell differentiated socialism from the the other GOP bad word—communism. Socialism, Orwell believed should allow for economic disparity, just not at the level we are seeing today where CEOs can make 300 times a worker’s salary. He favored a “political democracy” which allows for common people having political power as well as freedom of thought. There is a difference between what some describe as unfettered freedom of speech and Orwell’s freedom of thought, and that is fidelity to the truth.

In a what they say—we say scenario, why not just tell them: “You must be confusing socialism with communism.”

Then, send them to this article: Orwell’s ideas remain relevant 75 years after ‘Animal Farm’ was published

According to The Conversation (August 12, 2021), “With high levels of economic inequality, political assaults on truth and renewed concerns about totalitarianism, Orwell’s ideas remain as relevant now as they were 75 years ago.”