Revenge of the Strikers - urgent RTS action needed

NEW strikers are on the AZ legislature agenda! Please sign into RTS and in your comments, note that you oppose these strikers.

Visit for the latest information.

SB1532 would prohibit state employees from using state resources, including state email and comp time, to "impede or prevent a public school from operating for any period of time." Could be aimed at preventing a reprise of the teacher strikes of 2018 or a bad-faith effort to attack teachers post-COVID school closures. Scheduled for House Transportation, Wednesday. OPPOSE.

HB2427 would remove attendance boundaries for schools unless a school or grade hits capacity. Arizona already has generous open enrollment policies. District schools need attendance boundaries to predict enrollment and efficiently use facilities. OPPOSE.

HB2433 would ban the government and banks from refusing to serve gun companies, calling it "discrimination." Ironically, the Arizona Supreme Court recently decided there's a constitutional right to refuse custom wedding invitations to same-sex couples. OPPOSE.

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