Redistricting call to action

There are two great opportunities for testifying in person about the draft maps that put Cave Creek and Carefree into a district with which we have no (or few) common interests and has an over 20% Republican vote spread. The new maps also put Anthem into an even less competitive district at +30% Republican advantage. This means that for the next 10 years, Dems in our current district will have almost no chance to elect candidates of their choice for the State house and Senate.

Safe districts for either party translates to extremism--like Karen Fann's wasteful election audit, and laws meant to defund public schools, restrict how teachers can teach controversial subjects, outlaw women’s reproductive choice, attack voter rights, or promote the QAnon insanity and violence of Stop the Steal and Jan 6 anti-Democracy shenanigans of Gosar, Biggs and Finchem.

This is your chance to speak up and ask for fair and balanced districts that will enable the election of candidates that reflect the values of a majority of Arizonans.

We need speakers to counter expected Republican pushback, but if you are public speaking phobic or need to keep out of the public eye due to your job, join us anyway to support those of us who will be speaking.

Join us:

Tuesday, Nov. 16, 6 PM at Residence Inn, Desert View at Mayo, 5665 E Mayo Blvd.

Thursday, Nov. 18, 6 PM at Hampton Inn, in Anthem, 42415 N 41st Dr.

Please respond to this very important call to action

  1. Read through the talking points below.

  2. Write up one or more public comments in your own words using the guidelines above.

  3. Submit your comments online: Comment on Draft Legislative Maps Comment on Draft Congressional Maps

  4. If you are able, join one of the above in-person meetings to share your comments publicly.

Why testify virtually or in person?

  • Your attendance is important and a big reason why we have an Independent Redistricting Commission to begin with.

  • This is an important opportunity to share your priorities for the maps with the Commission.

  • You believe that all voters should have a fair chance of electing candidates that will represent you and your community’s best interests.

Writing your testimony

  • Keep it short and to the point. While 3 minutes is the official time allotted, you are likely to be cut down at the last minute to 2 minutes.

  • Practice it and time yourself

  • Be respectful. Thank the Commissioners for listening.

  • Introduce yourself, where you live and for how long

  • Present your main points in support of or in opposition to the proposed map(s)

  • Talk about your community and why the proposed district does not reflect your community’s best interests.