Recovery should be our biggest priority right now. Conservative posturing is a distraction.

By Julie Gunnigle

Few need a reminder that we are in the middle of an economic contraction and a sustained public health emergency. But apparently, some Republican officials do. Communities across Arizona are in desperate need of support, with many residents struggling to find work and some still battling COVID-19, and yet conservatives have maintained distracting — if not entirely counterproductive — postures on a host of partisan issues.

Instead of focusing on recovery, Attorney General Mark Brnovich continues to push a partisan agenda, launching several attacks against climate change reform, immigration policies, the American Rescue Plan and technology companies. While his constituents suffer, Brnovich is busy pushing Trump-era talking points.

Just this month, Brnovich sued President Biden over an executive order to fight the climate crisis, arguing that it was a “massive expansion” of federal regulations. Despite polls showing that the vast majority of Arizonans believe that state and federal governments need to take more action in combatting climate change, Brnovich is keen to seize on an opportunity to fight the administration’s agenda from Day One.

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