Please Contact Sen. Karen Fann: another Maricopa election audit planned!

Please contact your State Senator Karen Fann. Not only is she the Senator representing LD1, but she carries considerable weight as President of the Senate.

Senator Karen Fann 602-926-5874

Ms. Fann has consistently questioned the validity of the November election results and has pushed yet another challenge through to Superior Court to force the Board of Supervisors to hand over election files to the Senate. This is unnecessary and expensive since two independent auditing firms found no problems with ballots or machines. Yet, with the Court’s ruling last Friday, that the BOS could release the records to the Senate, the Senate is embarked on yet another “witch hunt” for fraudulent activity. They plan to conduct yet another audit of both ballots and voting machines.

Please use your own words in writing a short or comprehensive note to Senator Fann.


“Hello, My name is... I am a constituent in LD1. I am disappointed that you continue to perpetuate the myth that the election results were fraudulent. Maricopa County audits found no problem with the ballots or the machines. So why do we need yet another expensive audit at taxpayers’ expense? What do you hope to gain by this exercise? I hope that we can expect full transparency and put to rest these dangerous conspiracy theories.”

Suggestions for talking points:

  1. Let Karen Fann know that her votes this session do not support your interests or values.

  2. Voting is a right that all citizens, regardless of party, should access easily.

  3. The bills you have seen passed through her chamber appear to be targeted at rectifying a problem that does not exist, as the recent election has been proved to have been fair and properly run.

  4. Maricopa County audits found no problems with ballots or the machines.

  5. Why spend even more taxpayer money on a venture sure to arrive at the same conclusion?

  6. How will she make sure that the Senate uses the same degree of transparency that the Board of Supervisors did in hiring two independent auditors?

  7. Will the new audit be conducted by a certified audit firm?


  • Add Karen Fann to your address book. That way it will be easy for you to dial or compose an email next time.

  • Always identify yourself as a constituent of the representative you are contacting.