Note from the New LD1 Chair

Updated: Mar 5

A note from your new LD1 Chairman, Chris Miller

Thank you for the privilege of leading this vital group of committed citizens. I know I have some big shoes to fill. Ann Olsen pioneered and led our fledging LD1 Maricopa group with tireless commitment to the values and aspirations of residents from Anthem to Carefree. With your involvement over the past four years, LD1 has become one of the leading Democratic LDs, even though we are in an overwhelmingly Republican area.

As I am relatively new to the political scene, let me give you some of my background so you know exactly whom you are working with. For the past 20+ years, I have been employed at Nokia, focusing on Professional Services and Consulting and am currently running a segment of the Nokia business that is global in nature driving ~700M€ in business. To learn more about my history of volunteerism and other leadership roles throughout the community, you can look at the Executive Board bios page at All members of the board are updating their profile so you know who you are working with in the new LD1 Board.

Over 90% of registered Democrats in our district voted in this critical election, which contributed importantly to electing President-elect Biden and our new senator, Mark Kelly. This is no small feat, and now we need to continue this momentum as we prepare for 2022. We CANNOT be successful without your involvement.

I intend to build on the LD1 success and am thrilled to announce that we have an amazing executive team with many different sets of experiences and capabilities. They bring decades of grassroots politics, communications and organizational talents to our operation and are looking forward to increasing engagement across the community.

While we have much to be proud of thanks to your support in the past four years, we have much work ahead of us. The 2022 mid-term election, for instance, offers some opportunities:

  • Mark Kelly will again be on the ballot as he is currently completing the John McCain term from 2016.

  • Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Treasurer and Arizona State School Superintendent are positions up for election in 2022. We had so much success in 2018 and now will need to focus on these elections.

  • The Corporate Commission will have two open seats

  • State Senate/Representatives and US House of Representatives elections are also upcoming in 2022.

And then, there are the ongoing challenges presented by a Republican-dominated state Legislature, Board of Supervisors and Corporate Commission.

The current legislative bodies will no doubt be up to their usual tricks, and we will need to do damage control by showing up and speaking up in opposition to policies guaranteed to set back the educational, medical and economic health of our communities. And we will need to protect voting rights and ensure fair redistricting.

You will be hearing more from us in the months to come as we have many exciting plans to share with you. We had our first new LD1 Board meeting on December 5 with a great working partnership among all members of the Board.

We look forward to hearing from you about your hopes for 2021 and your ideas about how we can be more responsive to your needs. I am also looking for your feedback about what went well in 2020 and as we go through the process in 2021. This is the time to grow the community, to raise funds and to make sure we are fully focused to complete the work efforts that are coming our way!

From me and all of the LD1 team, we wish you a very happy holiday season.


Chris Miller