Letter from the Chair: Meeting Previews through June!

2021 has been a difficult year in the Arizona State Legislature, as we have seen some of the worst bills ever introduced. Many, if passed, would make it harder to vote and take money away from public school.

LD1 Maricopa Democrats are fighting this every single day by making our voices heard through the Request to Speak system and by continuously calling our legislative representatives. It only takes a few minutes to give a bill a thumbs up or down on RTS or to email and call your legislators. Tell them how disappointed you are that when they could be addressing the real concerns of a majority of Arizonans during a pandemic, they are wasting time and money on efforts to take away your rights.

I hope you are enjoying the significant update to our communications as we increase our efforts to support Democratic candidates and values with your help. Virtual monthly meetings will feature speakers at the center of state politics. We will continue to alert you by email to happenings around Arizona, and you may also check out our website for calendar updates, new calls to action, and the latest news. Our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds will give you the most current updates happenings in LD1 and Maricopa County.


Monthly meetings are lined up through June! Please save these dates.

  • Mar. 16 - Deedra Abboud and Sandra Kennedy are our special guests - learn more and register here

  • Apr. 20 - Water rights and how they impact Arizona with Heather Macre

  • May 18 - The current state of education in AZ with Superintendent of Public Education Kathy Hoffman & Cave Creek board member Jeff Fortney

  • June 15 – Community outreach to young voters and Latinos will be covered by speakers from LUCHA and other county Democratic organizations

Thank you for being a part of our LD1 Democrats community. Look for exciting announcements about upcoming events and more as we move forward toward the 2022 midterm election.