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Legislative & RTS Calls to Action - Week of March 8, 2021

URGENT (complete this action before Wednesday)

SB1719 Government Sponsor: Rebecca Rios (D-LD27) SUPPORT

Email and/or call Judy Burges jburges@azleg.gov (602) 926-3256 before Wednesday. Tell her you “strongly support SB1719, a great compromise that enables a council of qualified players to counsel the governor and work as a team on emergency measures.” Use subject line: “YES on SB1719.”

Background Notes: This is the most sane of all the Emergency Powers Bills trying to limit the Governor's emergency powers. It makes so much more sense than trying to convene the entire legislature to deal with an emergency in an emergency and it encourages a politically balanced approach to problem solving. For more information about the bill:



SB1082 House Health and Human Services Committee

Allows a pharmacist to dispense a hormonal contraceptive. This should really be a no brainer, but the other side keeps claiming unscientifically that the pills are abortifacients. They are not. SUPPORT

SB1176 House Health and Human Services

Appropriates $1 million annually from the state General Fund to DES (Department of Economic Security) to plan, prepare and develop the infrastructure necessary to implement a produce incentive program for SNAP enrollees to purchase eligible Arizona-grown fruits and vegetables at SNAP-authorized locations. Bill is also assigned to House Appropriation, You can RTS twice. SUPPORT

HB2310 Senate Government Committee

Allows the Legislative Council to review presidential executive orders and recommend to the Attorney General to further review the executive order to determine the legality of the order. This is similar to Bill HB 2111, except that this allows the Legislature to put itself above any Federally enforceable actions. OPPOSE


SB1114 House Education

Requires schools to post a sign at each school containing information on reporting child abuseand neglect. SUPPORT

SB1174 House Education

Appropriates $2 Million in Fiscal Year 2022 for internships in Science, Technology , Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). SUPPORT

HB2409 Senate Appropriations

Requires the Auditor General (OAG) to engage an independent consultant with expertise in Adult Protective Services (APS) to examine current services and consider best practices to improve APS in Arizona. Appropriates $300,000. SUPPORT

HB2241 Senate Education

Adopts a requirement that students be taught about the Holocaust and other genocides

at least twice between the 7th-12th grades. SUPPORT


SB1041 and SB1118 House Ways and Means

Both bills expand funding now and in the future for private school tuition. STO vouchers already siphon off $200 million from funds that would be spent on public education.

SB1041 raises the cap on Student Tuition Organization (STO) scholarships.

SB1118 raises the amount of scholarship a student can receive for a Private school.

Money given to STOs are tax credits dollar for dollar with the Organization taking 10%.OPPOSE Both

SB1485 House Government

Takes the Permanent element out of the Permanent Early Vote List system and will purge voters who did not vote in last 2 general elections. In case you were wondering PEVL without the P is EV(i)L, especially for the hundreds of thousands of voters affected. Voter disenfranchisement at its best. OPPOSE


HB2111 Senate Judiciary

Prohibits the state of Arizona from enforcing any United States government law that is

inconsistent with any law of this state regarding the regulation of firearms. Bills do not get any more unconstitutional or transparently secessionist than this.OPPOSE


Pray for sanity and thoughtful reflection in our State legislature and failing that, by the Governor. Don’t give up. There is still time to work on unseating the perpetrators of the big election fraud lie and electing candidates down the ballot who respect our rights and represent our values.

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