LD1 Legislative Action Update 07/11/21

Updated: Aug 10

Contributed by Ruth Lambert, LD1 Democrats Legislative Liaison

LD1 Update newsletters are sent each Sunday when the Legislature is in Session. Focus is on actions by LD1 Legislators.

With the 55th Legislature First Regular Session finally behind us, take a look at how LD1 legislators voted on a variety of bills.

The list shows bills passed and signed by the governor. It also presents just a smattering of the hundreds of last minute policy changes written into the budget.

Check out any legislator's bio, vote record, positions and funding sources at Vote Smart.

As of this update, the Governor has signed 436 bills into law.

On Friday July 9th the Governor addressed what looks to be, the last 24 bills of the session. He signed 23 and vetoes one. The vetoed bill would have formed an emergency council of relevant department heads and legislative leaders to assist with emergency decisions in the future. If not vetoed any bill left on the governor's desk after July 11th would become law without his signature.

A sampling of bills showing how LD1 legislators voted is presented.

To view the list as a PDF document click here.