LD1 Legislative Action Update 06/20/21

Updated: Aug 10

Contributed by Ruth Lambert, LD1 Democrats Legislative Liaison

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June 14 to June 18 AT THE LEGISLATURE

On Thursday June 17th HB2001 was passed in Special Session. The Special Session called by the governor to appropriate almost $100 million for fire suppression due to wildfires lasted 3 days. The bill passed with bipartisan support with only 2 house members and 2 senate members voting against. While most democrats voted for the bill they voiced their displeasure with the lack of attention to long term plans and acceptance of the role climate change has on the state's wildfires. The governor signed the bill on June 18th.

What are Karen Fann, Judy Burges and Quang Nguyen up to?

Contact Info and Committee Assignments

Senator Karen Fann kfann@azleg.gov 602-926-5874 Senate Rules Committee

House Representative Judy Burges jburges@azleg.gov 602-926-3256 Committee Assignments Nat'l Resources, Energy & Water; Government and Elections; Military Affairs Affairs & Public Safety

House Representative Quang Nguyen

qnguyen@azleg.gov 602-926-3258

Committee Assignments

Appropriations; Education; Judiciary;

Military Affairs & Public Safety

Remember, when you phone in a concern, comment or request you will speak to an Assistant who relays your message. You may request a call back if you wish. Emails are read by both an Assistant and the Legislator.

Rep. Nguyen issued a meaningless proclamation this week. He asked his House colleagues to join him calling on Senator Mark Kelly to recuse himself from the vote to confirm ATF nominee David Chipman.

In other words, Nguyen, President of the AZ Rifle and Pistol Association, who votes on state gun laws, is accusing Sen. Kelly of a conflict of interest. Find proclamation here. It's a doozy!

What to expect this week: Maybe a budget, and bills (aka bribes) coming off the shelf.

Introduction of cross over bills ended months ago. However, SCR1010, a Resolution by Kelly Townsend, now has a striker amendment attached and is scheduled to be heard in the Elections and Government Committee on Tuesday June 22. The striker changed the resolution and now calls for a convention of states to be held on Sept.15 at the AZ state senate building. The purpose is to address the actions by the federal government that impair or threaten the constitutional and traditional rights of American citizens and recommend corrective action to all state governments. RTS is open. Although this looks like a quid pro quo for Townsend's budget vote, she has made clear her conditions for her yes vote on the budget have not been met, yet. Two bills having passed the full Senate and House Committee Hearings are suddenly making it to a floor vote on Monday, June 21. Both are voter/elections bills. SB1241, from Kelly Townsend (coincidence?) wants in person voters to receive a receipt after voting. While there may be pros and cons to this, no county recorders were consulted to determine the cost and feasibility and the Secretary of State is against this change. SB1083 by Michelle Ugenti-Rita reduces the automatic recount margin after an election. This will be