LD1 Legislative Action Update 06/13/21

Updated: Aug 10

Contributed by Ruth Lambert, LD1 Democrats Legislative Liaison

LD1 Update newsletters are sent each Sunday when the Legislature is in Session. Focus is on actions by LD1 Legislators.

Monday June 14 will be the 154th day of the 54th State Legislature- first regular session. A session usually aims to convene for 100 days.


Both Chambers reconvened on Thursday June 10 after a short recess.

Take a peek at how things roll at the Legislature.

In the Senate

On Thursday June 10th the senate came to order (???) for a floor session with 26 of 30 members in attendance. The agenda included a prayer and introduction of guests in the gallery. The senate recessed after 13 minutes so the Rules Committee could convene. The Rules Committee met for a total of 2 minutes to allow for the late introduction of bills. These were the 22 bills the governor had vetoed on May 28. The whole senate then came back to the floor from their short recess to meet for 3 more minutes to have the 22 bills "First Read" . Remember First Read is the beginning step in the multi step procedure to pass a bill. Bills are "read" three times on different days. The "Third Read" is where a vote happens. Committee meetings and Committee of the Whole floor sessions generally take place between Second and Third Read. The "do-over" on these bills could be somewhat abbreviated bypassing traditional committee hearings. You can still weigh in using a slightly different system, RTS 2.0, explained in the Legislative Weekly.

All 22 bills found here.

In the House

The House managed to clock in a 26 minute session comprised of a prayer, introduction of guests in the gallery and proclamations. 52 of the 60 House members were in attendance.

Both chambers now allow attendance either in person or remotely from anywhere.

The House has allowed remote attendance to include Zooming-in from a Reps office or from another off site location. The Senate just changed their rules to include the off site Zooming option as some republican senators have left for vacation.

Both chambers reconvene on Monday June 14th. Live procedings can be watched here.

What are Karen Fann, Judy Burges and Quang Nguyen up to?