LD1 Legislative Action Update 03/28/21

By Ruth Lambert, LD1 Democrats Legislative Liaison

LD1 Update newsletters are sent each Sunday when the Legislature is in Session. Focus is on actions by LD1 Legislators.


Well, we were warned there would be "strikers" coming this past week, but the number of last minute strikers trying to resurrect Bills that had previously died was ridiculous!

The Request To Speak system is winding down until the Budget comes up for discussion. There are a huge number of Bills in the Rules Committees this week. You may RTS to show numbers of support or objection to a Bill but comments generally do not hold much sway. See below for another suggestion for Bills in Rules.

Senate Rules has 65 Bills on the agenda 61 are sponsored by Republicans, 4 from Democrats.

House Rules has 50 Bills scheduled. 49 sponsored by Republicans 1 from a Democrat.

If you ask why so lopsided?

Remember, it is up to the President of the Senate or the House Speaker to assign a Bill to a Committee so it can make its way through the various steps toward passage. IF a Bill is assigned to a Committee it is up to the Chair's discretion whether it will be heard in Committee. There is a large graveyard of Bills never assigned or heard in Committee. Some of these are the Zombies we see get resurrected as "strikers".

What are Karen Fann, Judy Burges and Quang Nguyen up to?

Contact Info and Committee Assignments

Senator Karen Fann kfann@azleg.gov 602-926-5874 Senate Rules Committee

House Representative Judy Burges jburges@azleg.gov 602-926-3256 Committee Assignments Nat'l Resources, Energy & Water; Government and Elections; Military Affairs Affairs & Public Safety

House Representative Quang Nguyen

qnguyen@azleg.gov 602-926-3258

Committee Assignments

Appropriations; Education; Judiciary;

Military Affairs & Public Safety

Remember, when you phone in a concern, comment or request you will speak to an Assistant who relays your message. You may request a call back if you wish. Emails are read by both an Assistant and the Legislator.

How did LD1 Legislators vote this past week?