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LD1 Legislative Action Update

By Ruth Lambert, Legislative Liaison, LD1 Democrats

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This past week saw a volume of Bills finish up in their Chamber of origin. There are just a few Bills left for Floor votes in their original Chamber. The Senate held a final vote on 92 Bills. The House held a final vote on 85 Bills. 44 Bills sent to the Governor. To date, 39 signed by the Governor. 7 Memorials or Resolutions sent to the Secretary of State. (They don't need Governor's signature) All Bills now heard in The Senate Committee Hearings came from the House and all Bills being given Hearings in the House started as Senate Bills.

What are Karen Fann, Judy Burges and Quang Nguyen up to?

Contact Info and Committee Assignments

Senator Karen Fann kfann@azleg.gov 602-926-5874 Senate Rules Committee

House Representative Judy Burges jburges@azleg.gov 602-926-3256 Committee Assignments Nat'l Resources, Energy & Water; Government and Elections; Military Affairs Affairs & Public Safety

House Representative Quang Nguyen

qnguyen@azleg.gov 602-926-3258

Committee Assignments

Appropriations; Education; Judiciary;

Military Affairs & Public Safety

Remember, when you phone in a concern, comment or request you will speak to an Assistant who relays your message. You may request a call back if you wish. Emails are read by both an Assistant and the Legislator.

How did LD1 Legislators vote this past week?

Bills passed out of Senate with Karen Fann's YES vote. These Bills are headed for the House.


SB1058 Mandates teachers post all planned class content a year in advance for parental review. All content including lesson plans, resources, materials. SB1400 Forces schools to give credit for private lessons and sports clubs discouraging the funding of already under funded public school arts/clubs in-school programs. SB1456 Parents must opt-in rather than opt-out of sex ed for their child. No sex-ed related discussion before fifth grade. SB1783 Institutes a new tax cut for those who were targeted in Prop 208. Deprives schools of anticipated benefit from Prop 208 to the tune of $500 million each year.


SB1010 Allows election vote recounts requested by a wide variety of people. SB1106 If you register to vote but do not intend to stay in the State it is a class 6 felony SB1485 Takes the P (Permanent) out of Perm. Early Vote List leaving us with EVL. SB1497 All ballot measures must explain that passage would be protected by the Voter Protection Act. Wording is seen as a scare tactic. SB1793 A redundant requirement to purge voters who have died. This is already being done with safeguards this Bill does not have.

Emergency Powers/State of Emergency

SB1119 Upon request by a member of the Legislature the Attorney General is to determine if a Presidential Executive order is constitutional, or if AZ is exempt from complying. SB1430 Severely limits the Governor's emergency powers and defines contagious diseases and how many people must die before the Governor may act.

Taxes/Hits to General Fund

SB1108 Cuts some property taxes, nearly in half. These taxes fund public schools.SB1252 Starts to phase out Arizona's corporate income tax


SB1457 Bans abortion if woman's reason involves genetic abnormalities. Would also allow father or grandparents to sue on behalf of the fetus and bans some by-mail abortion inducing drugs. Defines rights of the unborn child.

Power struggle

SB1459 Subjects the AZ Corp. Commission to a new review process. It is one of two Bills brought to curtail the powers of the ACC.

Passed out of House with YES votes from both Quang Nguyen and Judy Burges. These Bills are headed for the Senate.

Voting /Elections

HB2811 Prohibits same day voter registration. (there is no such thing in AZ) HB2373 Groups would be required to use a special identifier on voter registrations they collected at registration drives. Seems to be aimed at minority non-profit groups to identify who was doing mass registrations. HB2792 Voters must request an early ballot for an election. Bill seems to be in reaction to Maricopa County Recorder wanting to send ballots to all voters during the pandemic. HB2793 Prohibits an agency or someone acting for an agency in the state from registering someone to vote unless they affirmatively request to register.

Emergency Powers/State of Emergency

HCR2037 Would amend the state constitution to allow the State Legislature to call itself into Session to deal with a state of emergency. Details speak to the Leg. wanting to be in control and prohibits cities and towns from certain actions. HB2770 Exempts businesses from enforcing mask mandates. (sponsor of Bill asked "if masks work, why didn't we wear them to stop HIV/aids?")

2nd Amendment

HB2840 Allows loaded weapons in public school parking lots. HB2551 Expands public areas and events where you may carry firearms.

This coming week - March 8-12

RTS Opportunities on Bills where LD1 Legislators will have a vote In the Senate Rules Committee Karen Fann has a vote HB2020 A public school may discount the amount a public school employee pays for child care services provided or contracted by a public school. SUPPORT In the House Education Committee Quang Nguyen has a vote SB1174 Appropriates $2 Million in Fiscal Year 2022 for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Internships. SUPPORT Appropriations Quang Nguyen has a vote SB1150 Requires the cooperative extension office to establish the Agricultural Workforce Development Program to provide incentives to food-producing agricultural organizations to hire apprentices by partially reimbursing apprenticeship costs. Appropriates $500,000. SUPPORT Government Judy Burges has a vote SB1485 Removes the Permanent nature from the Early Vote List. PEVL to EVL. Makes inclusion in the list dependent on voting record. OPPOSE SB1719 Creates an emergency council to be convened by the Governor within 14 days of his declaration of a statewide emergency. Council to be comprised of 12 members from various state agencies plus the President of the Senate and Speaker of the House. The Council would be an advisory body working with the Governor. There were numerous Bills attempting to curb the Governor's powers and attempting to have the entire legislature weigh in on an emergency. This Bill appears to be a sane recommendation for a workable plan involving cooperation from many state stakeholders. SUPPORT

Legislative Weekly

REQUEST TO SPEAK (RTS) Bill Info The Legislative Weekly report gives you up to the minute info on a variety of Bills at the State Legislature, which ones will be open for RTS or require phone/ email contact to a Legislator. LINK Looking for other Proposed Legislation information sources?

The Sierra Club website has a Legislative tab for environmental issues. https://www.sierraclub.org/arizona/2021-legislative-updates Save Our Schools has an Update on Legislative Education Issues on their website. https://sosarizona.org/2021-leg-updates/

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ContactsArizona State Legislature website.

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