LD1 Dems at Anthem Days

Updated: May 4

Volunteers took shifts at the LD1 Democrats tent over the weekend of May 1-2, 2021. We spoke to over 250 people, with many stopping by to say “thank you for being here."

Over 40 people who hadn't known we existed were added to our mailing list. We extend a warm welcome to our newest members! James Y. Ada R. Don T. Renee T. Barbee D. Laura B. K.W. Thelma H Nancy L. Julianna P. Carley S. Donald P. Betty V. Pat H. Marie G. Dan B.

Cindy R. Toguri L. Jenn G. Andrea R. Ellen S. Joseph M. Tammy E. Toni K. Camryn S. Carrie R. Natalie G. Julie G. Allison M. James M. Michele P. Gina M.

Bernice B. J.M. Vicki B. Laurie K. William C. Jenny R. Marcus R.

A new postcard was printed for this event (image below.) It is designed to help people think about their values and whether they have been voting in a way that aligns with those values. To complement the postcard, we had a document that goes into more detail about the Democratic platform.

We gave away two copies of the book version of the Amanda Gorman poem “The Hill We Climb." The winners were Laura B. of Desert Hills and Gina M.

Thank you to all who came out to see us. Thanks for stopping by and please remember the next steps of the journey will be lots of effort for the 2022 election by coming out and getting involved!

Thanks also to the volunteers who took shifts to man the booth: Nancy Wood, Mike Petty, Crystal Bazarnic, Mary Clark, Anna Arnold, Phyllis Smith, Alexis Reed, Bonnie Edelblute, Ruth Lambert, Shannon Walters, and Chris Miller.

LD1 Dems Postcard, Side 1

LD1 Dems Postcard, side 2