Is AZ the New Ground Zero for War on Democracy?

Contributed by Suzanne Mead

We’ve called it #fraudit, Fann's Follies, and a rabbit hole. We chortled when the Senate GOP couldn’t find a place to stash millions of ballots, let alone a way to count them. We called Arizona’s GOP Senate a laughingstock and their exercise a pathetic, potential pyrrhic victory for deluded conspiracy theorists.

Well, it’s not so funny now. The AZ Senate’s deeply flawed endeavor is anything but laughable - it’s an attack on our electoral process and voter privacy and is every bit as dangerous as the January 6 insurrection that tried to overturn a peaceful transfer of power.

This week’s reports from the front piled one disturbing detail upon another.

  • The auditors initially used blue pens—a color that could invalidate or change a ballot’s intent when scanned.

  • A Stop the Steal proponent who actively participated in the Capitol insurrection was captured on camera with our ballots in his hands.

  • A seditionist member of Congress was observed touring the site.

  • People without clearance gained access into unsecured areas where ballots were stored.

  • Lawyers for the auditors claimed they should not have to share their procedures with the public. (A judge intervened and a document cribbed from the DOJ mysteriously appeared.)

  • Security supposedly was provided by a law enforcement group that had never been hired.

  • Audit procedures outlined in detail the steps to be taken when Antifa attacked the audit venue!

  • The audit cost is being covered by taxpayers and undisclosed outside GOP donors.

  • Reporters initially were allowed only as observers for 6-hour shifts, minus pens, papers or phones. (A pool was finally approved for shared coverage.)

For more details, please see Ruth Lambert’s audit report here.

It’s pretty clear that the “culture war”

has morphed into a war on

democratic institutions.


Arizona a Microcosm for the Nation