In the News - June 13, 2021

Governor Calls for Special Session to Address Wildfires

Since the regular session of the legislature appears in gridlock the governor has called a special session to deal solely with wildfires. To find out why and what he is proposing, go here.

A Rare Moment of Reason at the Fraudit?

A rift in the audit team at the State Fairgrounds has Ken Bennett, official spokesperson, arguing that he would be a better messenger than Cyber Ninja CEO Doug Logan to report the results of the audit. As reported in The National Memo, "It's not what evidence is presented to most people, it's who it is presented to them by," Bennett said, apparently throwing some shade on the audit’s contractor. Bennett also says he wants to compare the audit results with other non-partisan analyses, a proposal Logan rejects. Bennett offers a rare moment of Republican self-reflection and truth-telling in an era of delusion and disinformation:

"I believe that we can convince 90 percent of the people that are questioning the election [of its legitimacy], because it was the opposite party that was questioning the results in 2016. Ninety percent can understand that if Trump lost the election, it was Trump that lost the election," Bennett said. He mentioned several debunked conspiracy theories about the 2020 election in Arizona, saying, "It wasn't ballots flown in at midnight from China. It wasn't any fractional counting of votes on voting machines. It wasn't because Dominion [Voting Systems] was owned by China or Russia, or I don't know who… And similarly, when the Democrats lose, maybe it's because Hillary Clinton just wasn't what the American people wanted in 2016."

No Budget as June 30 Deadline Approaches

Budget bills failed last Monday as one Republican representative joined the unified Democrats to vote NO. With no consensus again on Thursday in the Senate or the House, the budget did not even come up for a vote. The holdup is the 2.5% flat tax proposal.

The 22 bills the governor vetoed on May 28 have been reintroduced but cannot go into law without the governor’s signature. Nothing can proceed without passage of a budget that the Governor favors. Some of these bills are good, some not so much. To see what is headed to become law, go here.

All three LD1 legislators are proponents of the flat tax and need to hear from us. Here is a recap about how the flat tax will affect you. Then let these people know how you feel:

Karen Fann State Senate (R-LD1) 602-926-5874 Quang Nguyen State House (R-LD1) 602-926-3258 Judy Burges State House (R-LD1) 602-926-3256

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