Help is Here: The Democrats' Guide to Promoting the American Rescue Plan (ARP)

Updated: Apr 27

Just 50 days since taking office, President Biden and Democrats have secured a major and consequential victory: successfully passing the American Rescue Plan (ARP), a bold and historic legislative package that will provide much-needed relief to millions of working people across the country.

Because of Democrats, working families bearing the brunt of this crisis will see $1,400 direct checks in the mail, thousands more in individual benefits, funding to get more Americans vaccinated, the resources to get our kids and teachers safely back to school, access to more affordable health care and so much more.

This is a huge accomplishment, but we still have so much work to do to help our country recover from this pandemic. One thing is clear: we have to keep electing Democrats up and down the ballot to get critical, progressive legislation like the American Rescue Plan across the finish line.

When we elect Democrats, working people have more opportunity and better support. Our fundamental rights are restored and protected. But we have to make sure that voters know how we delivered for them when it counted most, and how Republicans did not, when they next head to the ballot box. That’s where you come in!

Without you, these victories aren’t possible. To win elections in 2021, 2022 and beyond, we need trusted voices like yours to spread the word now about this incredible victory and what it means for people across the country. This is our time to help our friends and neighbors understand how the ARP benefits them, and what Democrats are able to deliver with their support.

Wondering where to start? The Democratic National Committee has compiled this guide to help you talk to your friends, neighbors, and community about President Biden’s bold and historic plan, with resources such as message guidance, social media content, graphics and more. We want to be as loud as possible about this win for the American people, so please share this with your networks and join us in letting Americans know that, thanks to the quick work of President Biden and Democrats, help is here.

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