Fun Call to Action: 100 Days of Biden

Thursday, April 29th marks Biden's 100th day in office as President. It is critical that we share how he has successfully changed the direction of our country and how he plans to help grow the economy and equity for Americans in the coming years.

It's important that we highlight the GOP's obstruction of progress and don't let them take credit for his success.

This event is a social share event. We want a steady stream of regular people sharing content all day, so sign up for a timeframe that works for you. You don't have to share during the entire shift, it can take just 5 minutes to share some of the good news!

Sign up for a shift through Demcast here - or simply post on social media using the hashtag #100DaysofBiden

During your shift, you will use the link provided in your confirmation email or on your calendar invite containing sample social posts and share them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn In, or text them to friends to help spread the word. You can also create your own posts using the hashtag #100DaysofBiden.

Sample social posts will be located at this link:

Need some ideas about what to share?