First Lady Jill Biden visit Navajo Nation

WINDOW ROCK — The Navajo Nation welcomed first lady Jill Biden on a two-day visit to the tribal capital with hand-drawn signs, handcrafted jewelry and a Pendleton blanket.

She returned the favors with praise for the way Navajo leaders and responded to the last year's health crisis, singling out their efforts as examples to follow. She also offered words of encouragement.

"As the world changes around us and chaos disrupts, we must have a path forward, a way to rediscover and recreate the harmony we need," she said on Thursday.

“Despite the challenges that you faced, the Navajo Nation lives that truth again and again.”

Biden, making her third visit to the country's largest reservation, found a capital still reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic, but showing signs of hope that a recovery is close.

She packed in a number of stops on Thursday and Friday, meeting with women who lead the way in a variety of roles, delivering a speech at the Navajo Nation Veterans Memorial in Window Rock, visiting with students at a boarding school, and observing a vaccination event. She headed back to Washington Friday afternoon.