Federal Bill Updates and Messaging

For the People Act

An Historic Voting Rights Act Senate Bill S.1.

Status: Not moving forward in current state due to Republican opposition and Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV).

GOP: Calling it a power grab to drive up minority votes and promote fraud. States should set their own election laws. Making voting easier will make Republicans a permanent minority.

DEM: Constitution says federal laws have precedence over state laws. Just want eligible voters to be able to vote and not suffer restrictions that make it harder to vote. Let’s have an honest discussion on how to prevent “rampant fraud” at the same time, enable free and fair elections.

Statehood for the District of Columbia

Status: A bill to make D.C. the 51st state is likely to pass in the House, then face strong headwinds in the Senate. The bill shrinks the district down to a two-mile square enclave of Federal buildings, national mall and monuments, while creating a new state out of the remaining 66 square mile plot.

GOP: Unconstitutional and a Democratic power grab. Let the district residents become part of Maryland.

DEM: Courts determine constitutionality, not Republican members of Congress. DCers overwhelmingly voted for statehood (68%). There is nothing constitutional about 700,000 citizens having to pay taxes, serve in the military without representation. They cannot select their own judges or control the D.C. National Guard. Republicans split the Dakotas in two run 1889 to gain extra Senators. The real power grab is GOP power play to deprive DCers of full equality in our democracy.

Taking Action


Senator Kyrsten Sinema: sinema.senate.gov/contact

Senator Mark Kelly: kelly.senate.gov

Talking points:

· Thank them for supporting For the People Act - U.S. Senate Bill 1

· Urge them to use their powers of persuasion to get 60 senators on board to pass the bill, negotiating compromises, but keeping essentials like the phased in non-partisan redistricting commissions.

· If bipartisan agreement is not achievable,