Fann Fraudit Follies! This week's review

As reported by Ruth Lambert, LD1 Legislative Liaison

  • Week started with reporters being barred from covering the audit unless they took an audit shift. Confusion reigned for days as some reporters were denied access and some were given conflicting information. A news pool was finally established for shared coverage. The week ended with a reporter being evicted for posting a photo. The hypocrisy is that it was a similar photo to the images captured on the live audit feed.

  • A reporter brought the use of colored pens to the attention of the audit manager, Ken Bennett. He appeared unaware that the pens handed out to volunteers were in violation of correct ballot handling procedure.

  • Requests to view the procedures set up for the audit were denied until a judge intervened. The procedures that were finally handed over contained, in part, a copy of those published in a DOJ manual a year ago. Of note: the digital images were accessed from DOJ the day after the audit began and procedures were requested.

  • Another interesting section of the audit procedures named the Phoenix Law Enforcement Officers Association as a group providing security for the audit. The PLEOA quickly responded that they were never approached nor were they involved.

  • Strange, but true! A section of the audit procedures outlined in detail the steps to be taken when Antifa attacked the audit venue!

  • Various GOP organizations and the Party itself have set up fundraising opportunities for “good patriots” to help fund the AZ Senate audit. Donors ‘names remain secret.

  • Secretary of State Katie Hobbs received O.K. from the judicial hearing to send a team of three qualified people to oversee the audit.

  • Same day SOS team received permission to attend audit, the County received a request to come pick up the large ballot scanners. No explanation was given.

  • Various national elections experts have requested the DOJ send overseers to the audit as shenanigans are suspected.

  • Anthony Kern, former AZ House Representative from District 20, a prominent January 6 insurrection attendee, and all-around Stop the Steal cheerleader was happily observed handling and counting ballots last week. Ken Bennet had previously told reporters Kern would be allowed to observe but not be handling ballots. One of the firms hired by the Cyber Ninjas was in charge of vetting volunteers. Those with any connection to Stop the Steal activities in person or on social media were expected to be disqualified from being near ballots.

  • And to end the week, the Crazy Times Carnival is was sharing the parking lot at the Fairgrounds with the audit!

Whew, and that was only the first full week of the audit!