Fact-checking today's Senate/Cyber Ninjas meeting

May 18, 2021

Today, Senator Karen Fann held a meeting with Cyber Ninjas, CyFIR, and Ken Bennett. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer refused to attend.

Prior to the meeting, Fann kicked Democratic Senators out of the room.

During the meeting, many of the claims were fact-checked.

Regarding Senate President Karen Fann's claim that this audit has never been about overturning the November election:

Maricopa County:

Fact check: Karen Fann says audit has never been about overturning the November election. Court filings suggest otherwise (see Nov. 6 reference).

Jeremy Duda, AZ Mirror

Fann opens by saying the audit has nothing to do with overturning election or decertifying electors. It's worth noting that in December, her lawyers said they needed to do the audit quickly so they could give the results to Congress before Jan 6 Electoral College certification.

Regarding Karen Fann's claim that they never wanted ballots to leave MCTEC:

Garrett Archer, ABC 15:

Karen Fann saying they never wanted the ballots to leave MCTEC. The subpoena says otherwise.

Regarding Ken Bennett's claim of how batches are divided:

Garrett Archer, ABC 15:

Ken Bennett is talking about batch dividers now and how some batches are divided by just apiece of paper with no corresponding ID. County response to media on this is that this is an archive process, not designed for a 100% hand recount.

Regarding Warren Petersen's and CyFIR's claim of missing passwords:

Garrett Archer, ABC 15:

Warren Petersen asks about