Enter to win a pair of tickets to see Stacey Abrams!


Now there are TWO ways to win tickets to see Stacey Abrams from your LD1 Democrats!

Two winners will be selected in a random drawing, each winning a pair of tickets. One donor name will be drawn, and the name of one participant in LD1 Dems activities will be drawn.

Here are your links to participate! It's easy to enter:

  1. Donate to LD1 Dems: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/azdemsld1

  2. Register for the Sept. monthly meeting: https://www.azdemsld1.com/event-details/ld1-democrats-september-meeting

  3. Register to join us at the Fall clean-up event: https://www.azdemsld1.com/event-details/democrats-cleaning-up-our-community-fall-clean-up-event

  4. Learn more or sign up as a PC: Email Anna Arnold at annaarnold1@gmail.com

What's a PC, you may be asking? A PC, or a Precinct Committeeperson, is the most local representative of the Democratic party. You would represent your neighborhood Dems! No experience is necessary!

Here's some of what you'd be doing:

  • Helping with LD1 Dems volunteer duties, such as canvassing, phone banking, stuffing bags, dropping literature at the homes of Democratic neighbors, and more. YOU pick the activities that work with your schedule and interests!

  • Attend a once-monthly meeting for PCs, currently on Zoom

  • As a PC, you are welcome to join County and State Democratic committees for issues you care about, and you get to vote in County and State Democratic elections

Interested in learning more about becoming a PC? Contact Anna at annaarnold1@gmail.com