Ducey signs SB1485 to purge voters from Permanent Early Voting List

By Stacey Abrams on Twitter

Less than an hour after its passage by the Arizona State Senate, Governor Doug Ducey rushed to sign SB 1485, a devastating anti-voter bill which could remove over 125,000 voters--more than 30,000 of whom are Latino--from Arizona’s highly popular Permanent Early Voting List.

The newly-signed #SB1485 is one of over 400 proposed anti-voter bills across the country stemming from an election cycle with historical turnout of Black, brown, and young voters.

These actions are a direct and wide-ranging assault on democracy that spans across 48 states from Arizona to New Hampshire, and from Michigan to Texas to Georgia, and demands a response from all stakeholders in America. Silence cannot be an option.

This coordinated, national attack on Americans’ freedom to vote demands that Congress urgently respond with federal action to protect voting rights for all eligible voters. Congress must pass both #HR1, the #ForThePeopleAct, as well as the #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct.

It is imperative swift federal action be taken to counteract GOP efforts to undermine our democracy. New laws like #SB1485 in Arizona, #SB202 in Georgia, #SB90 in Florida and many others present a clear danger to voters and are blatant attempts to silence their voices.

Now is the time for all, from voters to business leaders, to speak out and take action to defend voting rights and our democracy. Get involved:


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