Disinformation and the war on truth

Contributed by Suzanne Mead

Can’t win a war without winning the war on words, truthful words that is. Practice good social media hygiene (see box below) and learn what messages are working with persuadable voters. Join the fight against disinformation.

Indivisible’s Truth Brigade offers a simple strategy to crafting your message to people who may diverge from your way of thinking.

Indivisible’s Truth Sandwich:

1) State a truth and establish common ground in casual conversation

2) Plant seeds of doubt in the other’s position, revealing the other’s motives

3) Repeat the truth in a proactive and positive way

Example on gerrymandering:

1) We all care about fair elections.

2) The Big Lie is spreading to 2021 redistricting and that will lead to unfair and uncompetitive election maps. This hurts voters from all parties.*

3) Districts should represent voters, not politicians and special interests.

*Why gerrymandering is bad: Candidates can avoid governing for the general good of their constituents and pay attention only to the most extreme minority. Other qualified candidates won’t want to run in a gerrymandered district so long term, your district suffers from lack of accountability and good governance.

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For fair maps, pass the #ForThePeopleAct! More here.

Examples on masking and vaccinations:

To Mask or not to Mask; To Vaccinate or Not

Republican messaging about personal freedom, “it’s my body, I’ll do with it what I want,” in attacking vaccine mandates and masks is both hypocritical and dumb.

Recent polls show that a majority of the country, even sizable percentages of Republicans, support mandates and masks. Recent focus groups show that the most compelling message is not the appeal to personal freedom, but rather this:

—vaccine requirements have been around for decades