Democracy Summer 2021: Program for young activists

Democracy Summer is a long-term recurring project of Congressman Jamie Raskin's political campaign. It reflects his commitment to train the next generation of political activists, organizers, and leaders as an essential part of his work in public life. This year, we are delighted to partner with the DCCC and individual campaigns of Democratic Members of Congress as we expand the project to include young people from across the country.

In 2021, college and high school-aged students will be selected to participate as Fellows in our virtual summer learning program and to be trained simultaneously as organizers and volunteer activists in Democratic political campaigns. Fellows will learn by way of study, discussion and action. They will participate in a curriculum designed by Rep. Raskin focused on the history of social and political change in America and the values, dynamics and skills of political organizing.

Through this curriculum, Fellows will learn from great activist heroes, young and old political leaders, Democratic policy experts and top political and community organizers across the country.

Learn more and apply here: