Death Threats & Harassment toward Hobbs Highlights Misogyny in Responses to those in Public Office

Source: Civic Engagement Beyond Voting Source: Dillon Rosenblatt, AZ Capitol Times

While journalist Dillon Rosenblatt's article about the extreme misogyny and viciousness directed at AZ Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is behind the Capitol Times' paywall, this Twitter thread captures the important gist. The posts begin, "For six months I’ve been trying to tell this story and for six months I’ve been met with pushback claiming it’s not a story worth telling. Women in politics face harassment/threats more than men. I think there are enough people who will back up that statement." Rosenblatt also reveals the alarming volume of hatred aimed at Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman, and comments that Gov Doug Ducey has never condemned the abuse or reached out to Hobbs or Hoffman. Congratulations, @dillonreedrose for your persistence and excellent work. Rosenblatt also interviewed Dr Mona Lena Krook, author of Violence Against Women in Politics. “For people who already don't support gender equality, by seeing more women in public office, it's really going to trigger them to sort of act in a very sexist and misogynistic way,” Krook said. Women are entering the corridors of political power, and exposing the dangerous backlash is critical.

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