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LD1 Legislative Action Update 03/21/21

By Ruth Lambert, LD1 Democrats Legislative Liaison

LD1 Update newsletters are sent each Sunday when the Legislature is in Session. Focus is on actions by LD1 Legislators.


The week starting March 22 will be the last week the majority of Committee Hearings will be held in both Chambers. Only the Appropriations and Rules Committees will meet the last week of March to hear Bills that pass out of all other Committees. The last week of March and the month of April will see marathon Floor Sessions as all the controversial Bills make it to the Floor.

For those participating in the Request To Speak (RTS) system, remember that system only operates while Bills are in Committee. This coming week is the last week for RTS opportunities with the exception of Appropriations and Rules stragglers which will be heard the following week.

As of March 21, 2021 there have been 125 Bills sent to the Governor. He has signed 67 of them.

After the Governor receives a Bill he has five days to act on it if the legislature is in session or ten days to act if the legislature has adjourned. The Governor may sign the bill, allow it to become law without signature, or veto it. If a bill is vetoed and the legislature is still in session, the House and Senate may override the veto by a 2/3 vote.

FOR THOSE WHO USE THE RTS SYSTEM The Legislative Weekly will alert you to many strikers coming this week. A striker amendment text does not need to be released until 24 hours before a Committee Hearing. If you download the report to your google drive you can see changes that will be made as they become available.

This will be a wild week so hang on!

What are Karen Fann, Judy Burges and Quang Nguyen up to?

Contact Info and Committee Assignments

Senator Karen Fann kfann@azleg.gov 602-926-5874 Senate Rules Committee

House Representative Judy Burges jburges@azleg.gov 602-926-3256 Committee Assignments Nat'l Resources, Energy & Water; Government and Elections; Military Affairs Affairs & Public Safety

House Representative Quang Nguyen

qnguyen@azleg.gov 602-926-3258

Committee Assignments

Appropriations; Education; Judiciary;

Military Affairs & Public Safety

Remember, when you phone in a concern, comment or request you will speak to an Assistant who relays your message. You may request a call back if you wish. Emails are read by both an Assistant and the Legislator.

How did LD1 Legislators vote this past week?

Quang Nguyen and Judy Burges A sample of Floor Votes in the House

SB1146 TPT exemption for motor vehicle dealers. Note: Arizona transaction privilege tax (TPT) is a tax on the vendor for the privilege of doing business in the state. Present law exempts Transaction Privilege Taxes from being collected if a car dealer delivers a vehicle to an out of state buyer. The striker amendment to SB1146 now allows an out of state buyer to come to Arizona and drive the car to their home state, allowing the seller to avoid paying the TPT. Savings are passed on to the buyer but the state general fund does not get fed. Reps Burges and Nguyen voted YES. Bill passed on party lines.

SB1062 Redefines the designation of Professional Engineer Loosens the definition of a Professional Engineer. Deems a person as practicing engineering if the person practices any engineering discipline or uses a title that implies that the person is a professional engineer. Reps Burges and Nguyen voted YES. Bill passed on party lines. HB2570 licenses; pandemics; revocation prohibition Prohibits a state agency, municipality or county from revoking any license that is required to operate a business for not complying with a state of emergency order that is issued. Reps Burges and Nguyen voted YES. Bill passed on party lines

This coming week - March 22-25 RTS Opportunities on Bills where LD1 Legislators will have a vote In the Senate Rules Committee Karen Fann has a vote

HB2310 Allows the Legislative Council to review presidential executive orders and recommend to the Attorney General to further review an executive order to determine the legality of the order. OPPOSE In the House Tuesday

Education Committee Quang Nguyen has a vote

SB1400 Gives school credit for out of school activities. Starts down a slippery slope to rely on private organizations or non-profits to provide for arts or other activities and stop in school offerings. OPPOSE

SB1433 An emergency measures allows students who receive instruction through a distance learning plan to receive the same per pupil funding as in person students. SUPPORT

SB1685 Alters the open enrollment policy. Prohibits attendance boundaries be used to direct students to a neighborhood school. Puts undue and unnecessary requirements on the Ed Department to "design a public awareness effort to explain school choice options" that may include "public and private partners" and include ESA vouchers. OPPOSE

SCR1046 STRIKER Makes "Dreamers" eligible for in-state college tuition. Speaker Bowers would not assign the original Bill so it is being presented as a "striker". Chair of Education Committee is going against her leadership by Hearing it in Committee.

RTS comment to Support the Striker. SUPPORT

National Resources, Land, and Water Judy Burges has a vote


Appropriations Quang Nguyen has a vote

SB1539 Requires the Department of Child Safety to provide a monthly stipend to kinship foster care parents of $150 per month. SUPPORT

SB1786 Establishes a mental health transition pilot program and appropriates $1,300,000 from the state General Fund in Fiscal Years 2022-2025 for the program. SUPPORT

Government and Elections Judy Burges has a vote

The full Government Committee agenda is extensive (see Legislative Weekly) Bills will be heard either Wednesday or Thursday, as an extra day was added. If you see the Bill listed for both days, RTS twice.

SB 1713 Requires an early ballot identification affidavit be returned with the ballot and requires a voter to include their date of birth and other forms of I.D. OPPOSE

SB1010 allows anyone to request an election recount for any reason as long as they post a bond to cover the cost. This could hold up announcing election results big time. OPPOSE

Judiciary Quang Nguyen has a vote

SB1456 Requires parents to opt in rather than opt out of sex ed for their student. Prohibits any type of sex ed before 5th grade and places many restrictions on managing the curriculum. OPPOSE SB1119 STRIKER Allows any member of the legislature to demand the Attorney General review a presidential executive order to declare it unconstitutional. RTS comment to Oppose the Striker OPPOSE



Legislative Weekly REQUEST TO SPEAK (RTS) Bill Info The Legislative Weekly report gives you up to the minute info on a variety of Bills at the State Legislature, which ones will be open for RTS or require phone/ email contact to a Legislator.


Looking for other Proposed Legislation information sources?

The Sierra Club website has a Legislative tab for environmental issues. https://www.sierraclub.org/arizona/2021-legislative-updates Save Our Schools has an Update on Legislative Education Issues on their website. https://sosarizona.org/2021-leg-updates/ Not signed up yet for Request To Speak (RTS)? Go to Civic Engagement Beyond Voting (CEBV) https://www.cebv.us/ After you complete and submit the form someone will go to the Capitol for you to create your account (required) and send you a confirming email with instructions and a temporary password. When you create your account with them you will automatically receive the Legislative Weekly directly from CEBV. It is the same document accessed through the link that is provided in this newsletter each Sunday.

You need sign up for Request To Speak only one time, your account does not expire. The system recognizes your email address, and allows one account per email address. Need help understanding RTS? Register here for Sunday Open House to learn about upcoming Bills and have RTS questions answered. State Senators and Reps often drop by to add comments and updates. Sundays 4:00 - 6:00 4:00 RTS info 5:00 Redistricting info when available Attend one or many Open Houses. Drop in for a quick question or stay as long as you like.


Arizona State Legislature website.

You can access most of the Legislature's website without an RTS account. Find the State Constitution, members info, current or past Bills' information plus the calendar of upcoming events.

Account creation is needed only for the Request To Speak portion of website https://www.azleg.gov/

LD1 Legislative Action has a Facebook page. Just like this Update newsletter the focus of the Facebook page tries to center on our State Legislature. It is a closed group, meaning anyone can see it exists but you must ask to be admitted. Only members see posts, click here. LD1 Legislative Action gmail address. Let us know how we're doing! Comments and suggestions always welcome. If you received this email forwarded from a friend, you may request to be added to the distribution list with the email below. Just send your name and email address.


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