Arizona Fraudit Update 05/09/21

It was another week of errors and other horrors with the audit.

  • The U.S. Department of Justice is looking into possible violations of federal laws prohibiting voter intimidation and seeking assurance in the secure handling of election records. (Jeremy Duda, AZ Mirror)

  • In answer to the DOJ, Senator Fann claims that their concern about canvassing voters was moot. She had decided weeks ago to abandon that action and yet failed to tell anyone else involved in the audit.

  • The audit will be interrupted when graduation ceremonies take over the coliseum on May 14. As a result, ballots and election equipment will need to be moved out of the way and then returned afterward, raising serious questions about the security of the elections materials.

  • Auditors are looking for bamboo fibers in the ballots. A QAnon conspiracy theory speculates that 40,000 counterfeit ballots were sent to Arizona for use in the election. (Dennis Welch, political reporter)

  • Many of the so-called “volunteers” working the audit are actually being paid.

  • The official audit Twitter page has been called unprofessional and inflammatory, causing audit liaison Ken Bennett to apologize while claiming no role in it.

  • Questions abound about the data gleaned from this audit. Who will get it and what will they do with it? It’s a Pandora’s box of security/confidentiality questions involving the audit firms. And even if they do not get the data, what is the senate going to do with the information?

  • Secretary of State Hobbs may be heading back to court. She believes the method being used to count votes is flawed and that the agreement has been violated. MORE

  • Secretary of State Hobbs has disclosed she is receiving repeated threats to her safety.

  • Governor Ducey has instructed DPS (Department of Public Safety) to provide security for Secretary of State Hobbs and her family. MORE

  • Maricopa County Senate audit observers were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements - MORE

  • Arizona Review of 2020 Vote is Riddled with Flaws, says Secretary of State - MORE

  • Justice Department: AZ Senate Audit, Recount May Violate Federal Law - MORE

  • In response to Justice Dept, Arizona Senate Says Plan to Canvass Voters is on Hold - MORE

Read Secretary of State Katie Hobbs' letter to Ken Bennett, Senate Audit Liaison:

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