Arizona Democratic Party Chair Sets Bar for Success

Contributed by Suzanne Mead

“Republicans are doing all they can to sow confusion around Arizona’s redistricting process. GOP leaders are shamelessly goading their supporters into parroting their misinformation to the IRC, in an overt effort to influence this independent process towards a Republican gerrymander.” ~ Raquel Terán, ADP Chair

The GOP is fired up because Arizona Democrats have gained major electoral ground in recent years. In addition to electing President Biden and VP Harris, the first time this century for a Democratic ticket, voters elected Democrats to six of 13 statewide offices, including both US Senate seats. The State House and Senate each are only one seat away from control.

But this is no cause for complacency. In a letter to party officials, Raquel Terán laid out the challenge. Arizona is increasingly diverse with multiple communities competing for a voice in local, state and national government. Maps will need to accommodate the Voting Rights Act in which people of color and other minorities are guaranteed an opportunity to elect their own candidates. The US Census shows that Arizona is increasingly urban and suburban. This sets up a political conflict between rural, often white constituencies with the rest of the state.

The slim majority Republicans are bent on ensuring that their fiefdoms continue and are enacting laws to further erode Democratic strengths.

Fortunately, we have an independent redistricting commission, whose mission as set forth in Prop 106 by Arizona voters in 2000, is to ensure fair and competitive maps. The obvious benefit to competitive elections is better candidates who must appeal to and govern on behalf voters of both parties. This is not what we have now. This is why the public needs to weigh in on the maps and to remind the Commission of their mandate.

“In the ten years since the last redistricting, Arizona has experienced massive growth in both population and diversity. The political landscape has also shifted, with Arizona Democrats gaining major electoral ground.

“Unlike the GOP, Arizona Democrats are not afraid of the voters, we are not afraid to compete. The Arizona Democratic Party reaffirms its unequivocal support for fair, competitive maps, as required in the Arizona Constitution and demanded under the voter-approved Prop 106.

“In spite of the GOP’s campaign to undermine Independent Redistricting, we urge the commission to carry on in the important work following the constitutional process to draw fair and competitive districts.”

- Raquel Terán

Raquel Terán was just appointed to the vacant senate seat in LD30.