Another Week in the American Shooting Gallery

This week has been yet another harrowing descent into mass casualty hell—first in Atlanta and then in Boulder. These tragedies remind us that we have far to go in arriving at a national consensus about gun reform. Just this week in the Arizona legislature, our lawmakers floated bills that would enable students and parents to carry loaded guns onto school campuses. Another would outlaw any Presidential executive action deemed to be messing with 2nd Amendment rights like those of LD1 Representative Quang Nguyen's. Nguyen (pictured below) co-sponsored and supported both bills. He has been embraced warmly by Prescott area Oath Keepers. This is the same organization that featured prominently in the violent January 6 Capitol insurrection and one that the Southern Poverty Law Center, the FBI and other organizations have characterized as a far-right, extremist, anti-government, paramilitary organization. Do we have a problem with the 2nd Amendment as practiced by its most fervent adherents? You bet. Remember this at the 2022 midterms.

If you have had enough, contact Karen Fann. Tell her you deeply resent and fear living in an armed camp. and then contact our Governor. Ask him on behalf of families everywhere to veto bills that would allow guns in public buildings and on school grounds if they make it to his desk.

We can’t afford any more Columbines, Sandy Hooks or Parklands.

2nd Amendment on Steroids

What your GOP Legislators have been up to

HB2840 Misconduct Involving Weapons On School Grounds

Firearms on school property, no problem. This bill says it’s ok for adults 18+ to keep a loaded firearm in a locked vehicle. Current law allows for unloaded weapons. Passed House 31-28

HB2111 Second Amendment Violation

Prohibits any state entity from using personnel or financial resources to enforce a U.S. government law that counters Arizona firearm regulations. Passed all committees including Rules and is awaiting Floor vote in Senate.

HB2551 Concealed Weapon Permits

It’s the wild west with this one. Allows people to bring concealed weapons into additional locations, including libraries, community centers, public pools, state museums, the DMV, government offices, block parties, marches and street fairs — even if asked to turn over their firearms for storage. Senate committee passed it 5-2. Passed House 31-29

SB 1382 Gun Stores are “Essential Businesses”

Redefines firearms and ammunition stores as “essential businesses,” preventing the governor from closing them during a state of emergency. No action in House yet. Passed Senate 16-14

Unless you think any of these are good ideas, please let these legislators know that these are really bad ideas and do not reflect the will of a majority of people, create unsafe environments for families, especially children and have no place being proposed at a time with so much anger and dissension in society.

Call, email, and send letters to the editor.

Governor Doug Ducey 602-545-4331 Senator Karen Fann 602-926-5874