ALERT! LD1 Dems sponsoring petition-signing events - volunteers & signers needed

Updated: Aug 15

The legislative session is now over. Some of the worst bills did not pass. Unfortunately, some terrible bills are on their way to becoming law. That is, unless recently announced citizen initiatives can bring them to a vote in 2022.

This is where you/we come in. Just as we were able to successfully get Prop 208 on the 2020 ballot, we plan to gather signatures for several more initiatives this summer.

LD1 and the organizations above will be sponsoring petition signing events around the valley throughout August and early September. Locations are shared in our newsletter. Please plan to sign all of these petitions and get family and friends to sign too. Signers must be registered Arizona voters. All party affiliations welcome. Help circulate petitions! Please sign up if you'd like to join LD1 Dems in gathering signatures! We will train you.

Link to petition summary PDF

Arizona Deserves Better involves collecting 180,000 valid signatures for each of three initiatives by September 14 to undo three bills attacking free and fair elections.


This committee seeks to stop three bills created to make voting more difficult and less secure.

SB1485 In addition to the current criteria for removal from the Permanent Early Vote List (PEVL) voters would be removed if the voter does not use their mail-in ballot in all elections for two consecutive election cycles, even if they voted in person at the polls. Could greatly impact Independent voters who do not typically vote in all primary elections.

HB2569 Prohibits State or County Elections departments from using any private grant money to help pay for elections, including voter registration. In 2020 grants were needed to purchase ballot drop boxes since the legislature refuses to appropriate adequate election funding.

SB1819 Requires certain inks and papers promoted by conspiracy groups to be used for elections. The change increases ballot printing costs exponentially and did not provide additional funding for elections. Also requires a traceable QR code on ballots endangering the secrecy of your vote.

Invest in Arizona involves collecting 120,000 valid signatures for each of three initiatives by September 14 to ensure continued public school funding that would have been provided by the already passed Prop 208.