Chris Miller - LD1 Chair

Chris Miller has been a lifelong Democrat and a native of Arizona.  Since moving into LD1 over 20 years ago, he was not involved in politics as the area was super red.  In 2017, the Presidential election changed his mind to get involved and highly engaged in the local LD.  After registering as a PC and taking on the Precinct Captain role for the Majesty Precinct, he was elected to the LD1 Board as First Vice Chair.  In 2020, Chris was focused on Election Day work efforts and working through the Field Ops plans during this vastly different election.  LD1 had a 90.3% Democratic turnout, the highest ever recorded in the LD.  For his day job, Chris also handles a large portfolio for an international technology company focusing on 5G technology and security.  He has been traveling internationally for many years and works with people from over 50 countries on a daily basis usually starting his day around 3am.  In his spare time, Chris volunteers his time as a Scoring Services Chairman at the Charles Schwab Cup golf tournament(November) and works with the Pac-12 Conference to handle basketball replay during games.  Chris and his wife Jill were also highly involved working with asylum seekers housing over 300 asylum seekers at the beginning of 2019.  Chris’ goal is to retire early and travel the world extensively with Jill while continuing to make Arizona solidly blue!

S Mead Bio.jpeg

Suzanne Mead, Second Vice Chair

Suzanne is a life-long Democrat, having canvassed door-to-door at the age of 11 in

a winning campaign for her mother who was an early civil rights activist in

Cleveland. Her career included public relations and non-pro#t management in New

York City, corporate executive positions with a national retail drug chain in

Harrisburg, PA, and a third career as professional photographer, artist and teacher.

She retired to Carefree, AZ, in 2012. Trump’s election and the DC Woman’s March

spurred her, along with a group of like-minded women, to launch Cave Creek and

Carefree-focused Black Mountain Democrats and Friends. She also joined LD1 as a

PC. She recently was elected Vice Chair and currently serves as a lead

communicator for both groups.


Anna Arnold ,Vice Chair

Anna is a life-long Democrat,  originally from Mississippi.  Even though she consistently voted in every election, she did not become active in politics until after the 2016 election. She has been a Precinct Committee Person for the last four years. She is one of the Founding members of LD1 Maricopa and Black Mountain Democrats And Friends, a local Cave Creek and Carefree group, which  provides education and outreach to members of these communities, who often feel they are alone in this heavily Republican community.  In addition to serving on the LD1 Board,  Anna will also serve as an LD1 member of the State Committee of the Democratic Party. 

Prior to retirement, Anna worked as a social worker and an Assistant Director of the State agency charged with providing services to abused and neglected children. Through this work, she identified the need for services to families in poverty, experiencing substance abuse, and in need of mental health services. Often the Legislators most adamant in opposing reproductive choice for women were the most reluctant to provide funds for services to families. Anna hopes that shifting the balance of power in the State Legislature toward the Democrats will benefit these families and children.


Fran Adelson, Vice Chair

Fran Adelson moved to Anthem from Long Beach NY one year ago.  She has always been involved in politics and social justice issues, and dove right in after moving here.  She is a former Democratic City Councilwoman from her previous city and was also a trustee on the library board.  Fran has helped run political campaigns of US Senators, Congresspeople and County candidates.  She has brought issues to residents, helping them to organize and understand how important their involvement is in enacting change.  Fran has seen how grassroots groups can really have their voices heard, and swing an election.  Having been an elected official , she brings a real world perspective.  Fran is a former real estate broker from NY and currently works in Arizona real estate.  Her husband Steve is a musician doing various efforts in teaching the craft and playing in local bands.  She is very excited to have been elected to the LD1 board and is looking forward to working with all of the board members so that we can best represent the people of LD1.

Mary Ann Bowen, Secretary

Mary Ann grew up in a Republican household in Republican Kansas. She went to college during the unrest of the 1960’s and realized that it was the Democratic Party that best represented her beliefs. The first candidate she supported was Eugene McCarthy and has been a proud registered Democrat since then. A career English teacher, she has had a core group of like-minded Democratic educators as close friends for many years. After the election of 2016, she and many of those friends have become proud activists, working to effect change at the local level. Being quiet is no longer an option.


Michael Petty, Treasurer

Mike has been a proud Democrat for a good portion of his adult life, but only became an active member of the party in the past several years.  This change in perspective was driven first by an awareness that many of our leaders on the Right were actively working to dismiss the risk of climate change and second, the 2016 election results. As father to a wonderful son and uncle to many precious nieces and nephews the idea of leaving their future at risk without at least working in some way to mitigate that risk led Mike to become a more engaged citizen.  Mike’s wife Marie works in the healthcare field and shares many of Mike’s concerns.  Mike obtained his bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University and his CPA Certificate from the State of Arizona.  He currently works in the Healthcare field as a Competitive Insights Senior Advisor. In addition, Mike serves as an adjunct faculty member at Glendale Community College.   Mike became a PC representing the Dove Valley Precinct in 2020 and in the same year proudly accepted the role of LD1 Treasurer.


Crystal Bazarnic, Sergeant at Arms

Crystal became a political activist in 2018 with the #RedForEd movement. She used her background in marketing, social media strategy, and graphic design to help amplify the movement and voices of educators, candidates running in support of public education, and #NOon305, which would have expanded the voucher program had it passed. Since then, Crystal has become extremely passionate about the elections process, which led to her becoming a Maricopa County Deputy Registrar, a poll worker, a worker in the hand count audits, and serving on the AZDP Elections Integrity Committee. Throughout the 2020 elections season, she helped the LD1 Democrats Maricopa with production of literature, postcards, and social media posts, and volunteered to serve in several candidate campaigns. While public education and elections integrity/access are Crystal's top political passions, nothing can be done to improve these areas with our current state leadership in place. It all hinges on flipping our legislature, and Crystal is dedicated to helping LD1 Maricopa Democrats do our part, with the help of our many wonderful volunteers.