Ann Olsen, Chair

Ann was a lifelong registered Independent, not wanting to let anyone know how she voted or stand up for what she believed in. That all changed in November of 2016. Ann saw that all of the protests and phone calls were great and uplifting, but did not change any votes. She realized she needed to become a Democrat and joined the organization. Since there was no Legislative District for Democrats in the Northern Maricopa region, she helped start Legislative District 1. In her free time Ann is a Physical Therapist with a MS in Healthcare Management/Public Education and works with special needs students at Deer Valley unified School District.

Chris Miller, First Vice Chair

Bio coming soon.

Jenny Brooks, Second Vice Chair

Jenny was raised in a household where the Kennedys were an American dynasty and if you didn’t go to college, you had a trade that was supported by a union, aka her parents were Democrats. Growing up in California solidified her progressive beliefs. It’s said that the best way to volunteer is to use our gifts, so Jenny uses her professional skills in public relations to support LD1 and in her role as a PC. Now she marches, canvasses, phone banks and promotes in the name of getting Democrats elected. She and her husband are raising three children to believe that all people deserve every opportunity and that after the presidential election of 2016, the government’s support of that can’t ever be taken for granted.  

Garth Ruchin, Vice Chair

Garth was literally born into Connecticut Democratic politics. His mom and dad were very active in politics, dragging him and his brother to Democratic Party events regularly. Garth's fist campaign was Bobby Kennedy's Connecticut primary in 1968.  From Connecticut to Washington State and Arizona, Garth has fought for equal rights for all Americans, active environmentalism to overcome climate change, fair immigration policies, global human rights, military force against other countries based on due moral considerations, and healthcare as a right for all Americans.

Gary Laverty,Vice Chair

Bio coming soon.

Susanne Muller, Vice Chair

Susanne is a lifelong Democrat interested in gun violence prevention, voter rights, and social justice. She is fluent in Spanish and has a PhD in Molecular Biology. Susanne has lived in 5 US states and lived in Caracas, Venezuela for 17 years.

Mary Ann Bowen, Secretary

Mary Ann grew up in a Republican household in Republican Kansas. She went to college during the unrest of the 1960’s and realized that it was the Democratic Party that best represented her beliefs. The first candidate she supported was Eugene McCarthy and has been a proud registered Democrat since then. A career English teacher, she has had a core group of like-minded Democratic educators as close friends for many years. After the election of 2016, she and many of those friends have become proud activists, working to effect change at the local level. Being quiet is no longer an option.

Mark Binus, Treasurer

Mark is a lifelong Democrat, a retired Clinical Pharmacist, and spent his career as a provider in hospitals and at a major health care company. He strongly supports many Democratic issues such as affordable and accessible health care, equal pay for women, voter rights for all, freedom of the press, and immigration reform. Mark's involvement is motivated by the need to actively promote social issues being threatened by local and Washington politicians.

Ruth Lambert, Sargent at Arms

Ruth was born Irish in Boston, MA, leading her to assume that everyone was born a Democrat!  She attended school with children of John Kennedy's top aides, which did little to change that opinion. Unfortunately, contentment bred complacency. The 2016 election wake-up call changed all that. Ruth’s focus is now on researching children's welfare and education issues, along with healthcare services improvement. She has discovered a fascination with Arizona State Legislation. Being an activist role model for her grandchildren fuels the uphill trek.



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